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Primary Mentor
Backup Mentor@ayesh and @batbrain7
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Primary Objective

Enhance the OpenMRS Swagger-based REST API documentation to add guidance on use of the API.

Project Description

The OpenMRS REST API is one of the key mechanisms for developers to access data from OpenMRS. We have used Swagger to create auto-generated documentation of the API.

See a sample of the auto-generated REST API documentation here.

Users of the documentation struggle to understand how to use the REST API and usage of OpenMRS web services are harder than necessary. There are times when users try to  seek guidance on the OpenMRS Talk forum and often the solutions are captured on that platform but not consolidated or updated. . Our auto-generated Swagger documentation provides nice scaffolding for documentation, but doesn’t provide the context, tips, and easy read that those richer API docs (weaving human documentation alongside swagger-like documentation) provide.

With the help of a documentation expert we hope to establish a well structured page which is easy to follow  such as GitHub API documentation, Twitter API documentation, or the Google Maps API documentation. At the conclusion of the project we hope to have a format and approach that could be replicated for all modules on OpenMRS moving forward.

Skills Needed

  • Possess knowledge in how to structure user documentation for use by different types of users, not only developers or people with technical know how.
  • Experience in software engineering, infrastructure engineering, knowledge of how REST API works.
  • Comfort with working with GitHub repositories.

Objectives at the end of the Assignment :

  • A well structured and easy to use REST API documentation that provides guidance to developers beyond the auto-generated content from Swagger.

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