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Hello, and a warm welcome to the OpenMRS community!

If you're reading this, chances are this is your first time working with OpenMRS. Let's get you started!

First of all, you'll need to obtain an OpenMRS ID at Your OpenMRS ID will be used for all OpenMRS websites, including TalkJiraConfluence, and Bamboo.

In order to use tools like Jira, you'll need to contact the Help Desk for access. This is done for spam prevention purposes. Access will normally be granted within 24 hours, but can take longer depending on staff availability. Be sure to mention your OpenMRS ID in the message.

Then, feel free to introduce yourself on both your year's GCI thread as well as the general Introduction Thread.

IRC and/or telegram will also help you work with others at OpenMRS. Your GCI year will have its own telegram group. You can join the general OpenMRS telegram group here, or connect to the IRC channel #OpenMRS on More IRC information here.

The following resources will also be extremely helpful to you:

Have fun at Google Code-In, and we hope to see you in the community soon.

Write Code, Save Lives.

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