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  • Feb 11 2010 after action review notes
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What did we expect today?

  • Learn about AOP and how it applies to OpenMRS
  • More pictures
  • More turkey
  • Get to know how to be a developer and be involved in the community
  • Learning about trac, patches, debugging

What did we do today?

  • AOP, done well. But some people missed it (physically, not mentally).
  • Vibha raised threading issues, and discussion about event bus
  • Heard about others' experiences with the system in the real world
  • Spicy buffalo chicken instead
  • Pictures. Great ones.
  • Intro to how the community works (Burke and Darius talk to each other via microphone)
  • Started with a good summary of yesterday's workshop

What should we do differently?

  • Workshops earlier (when more brain cells live)
  • More SVN commits during demos

What else should we do?

  • (Keep doing summaries)
  • 9-10:??: keep doing the homework
  • 10:??-lunch: walk through a solution slowly
    • Ben or Darius has to do the homework, and comment it well.
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