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  • Feb 10 2010 after action review notes
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What did we expect to happen?

  • Do more (but I wasn't here. (smile)
  • Fewer people, more attrition
  • Be less enthralled by html form entry homework assignment
  • See how OpenMRS uses jQuery and DWR
  • Be in the little room

What actually happened?

  • In the big room
  • Saw how OpenMRS used jQuery and DWR
  • Saw html form entry in action, saw forms being filled out
  • Talked about how hibernate is good and bad
  • Saw some useful pictures. Worth >= 1000 words
  • Learned lots of shortcuts

What should we do differently?

  • Continue having more pictures (do them before diving into the code)
  • See "the answers" to the forms example.
  • Spend 15-20 minutes walking through core code of API and web, aimed at people who might contribute or need to know this
  • hands-on jquery exercise. demos are good, but not sufficient
  • have different choices of exercises, so people can do what interests them more (e.g. jquery/dwr instead of html form entry)
    • More spring and hibernate (need the reps)
    • More web layer, e.g. jquery and dwr
  • Continue recapping the previous day in the morning
  • Look at a bigger module (with good code quality), see how it works, and then dive into the code.
  • Know more about other example use cases out there
  • Learn more shortcuts
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