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The Documentation Leader for OpenMRS is someone who leads efforts to create, sustain, and improve documentation within the OpenMRS Community.  When there is nobody else around who is able to work on documentation, the leader rolls up their sleeves and does the work.  When paid or volunteer documenters are available, the Documentation Leaders coordinates and oversees their activities.


  • Good communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Enough available, dedicated time to ensure that documentation within the community is meeting expectations
  • Ability to mentor and oversee volunteers who want to help with documentation


  • Wake up and go to sleep thinking about how documentation within the OpenMRS Community can be improved
  • Ensuring documentation within the OpenMRS Community is meeting expectations
    • Meeting needs of volunteer documenters
    • Defining and prioritizing documentation backlog
    • Sustaining and improving existing documentation
  • Brings documentation-related concerns and solution to leadership, project management, and the community.


  • Improvements to developer documentation
    • Getting started as a developer
    • Template & examples for good module documentation
  • Define and document conventions for documentation within the community
  • Define and document recipes for getting engaged with documentation (e.g., how to assess existing documentation, how to start documentation for a module, how to improve documentation for a module, ...)
  • Establish some initial metrics for assessing documentation efforts and identifying areas of need
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