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Deleting pages from the wiki is a fairly permanent and potentially destructive act, so is limited to members with higher (editor) privileges. If you identify a wiki page that should be deleted and don't have the privilege, you can help identify the page as deserving deletion by adding the delete-page label (while viewing the page, press "L" or click on the label icon at the bottom of the page to edit labels).

If you are reading this page, it's likely you are interested in helping curate the OpenMRS wiki. Thank you! Even if you don't have privileges to delete pages, you can help by:

  • Scanning the list of pages to be deleted (below) and make sure they have no incoming links. If you find pages with incoming links, edit those pages to remove any links to the page marked for deletion.
  • When the list of pages to be deleted grows beyond a few pages, bring it to the attention of the community (i.e., nudge people with editing privileges to delete those pages).

How To Mark a Page for Deletion

  1. First make sure there are no incoming links to the page.

    Select the ellipsis (...) in the top right corner of the page then "Page Information" and look for any "Incoming Links". If there are any "Incoming Links" listed, visit each of those pages and edit them to remove any links to the page you want deleted.

  2. Add the delete-page label to the page.

    While viewing the page to be deleted, press "L" or click on the label icon at the bottom of the page to bring up the label editor. Add "delete-page" to the page's labels. When done successfully, the page should show up in the list below.

Pages Marked for Deletion

The following pages have been marked for deletion.

Please make sure to check for incoming links and, if any are found, edit the pages with incoming links to remove links to the page to be deleted.

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