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An OpenMRS Community Developer is any developer worldwide who is interested in contributing development effort to OpenMRS core, modules, or other OpenMRS-related contributions.  A community developer may only have an hour or two to donate toward development, may have a recurring amount of time available, may be donating personal time, or may have a dedicated period of time available to contribute development efforts.  Those developers with dedicated time to work on OpenMRS sprints are described elsewhere (see Dedicated Sprinter).


  • Willingness to contribute to OpenMRS
  • Willing to have fun
  • Some programming experience. While OpenMRS has been used in classrooms to help teach Java, community developers are expected to have some programming skills.


  • Be a good community citizen
  • Those developers who have a short amount of time, are not plugged into a sprint, or working on a specific module are expected to join in the Community Development Swim Lane
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