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The Code Quality Leader is responsible for ensuring OpenMRS Community-supported software is of high quality by promoting a culture of high quality coding practices within the community, and defining and improving processes & tooling to empower developers to produce high quality code. 


  • Dedication to OpenMRS mission, vision, and values
  • Strong development skills and experience in OpenMRS development, including Java and JavaScript
  • Good communication skills and ability to work well with people of different cultures
  • Enough available, dedicated time to fulfill responsibilities


  • Promoting a culture of producing high quality code within the OpenMRS Developer Community
  • Ensuring community software undergoes code review
  • Ensuring community-developed software is being assessed for quality (random sampling, using tools like SonarQube)
  • Helping mentor and lead volunteers within the community who also wish to help with code quality
  • Make the final decisions relating to code quality for the community
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