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The Business Analyst facilitates sprint activity by gathering requirements, and converting epics/stories into actionable tickets.


  • Business analyst training/experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work well with developers and product owners


  • “Gets information out of the heads of product owners & technical leaders (preferably non-invasively, but okay if necessary) organized into actionable sprints” – i.e., get OpenMRS Sprints from an idea to “ready to go”
  • Facilitates sprint preparation (at least 80% of effort)
    • Meets with product owner(s) and technical leader(s) for the sprint to identify requirements/epics and turn these into stories with appropriate acceptance criteria.
    • Works with the technical leader(s) to operationalize stories.
    • Builds the rapid board and facilitates creation of the sprint (i.e., deciding which stories/tickets from the backlog will be included).
  • Facilitates sprints (up to 15% of effort)
    • On-call for issues that come up during a sprint, where we need to clarify stories, or create new ones.
  • Help community development swim lane with writing good quality stories and curating tickets
    • Communicate at least weekly with community development leader
    • Ensure that tickets/stories curated and assessed by community developers are of good quality

Our first priority is to have sprints well prepared; our second priority is to reduce the “weight” of sprint preparation on our product owners & technical leaders.


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  1. How can I join this group and or fulfill this role? Please advice how to approach.