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Current projects

  • Android OpenMRS - Tom Routen (D-Tree)
    • For multiple device use in a clinic (multiple roles)
    • Registration, lab, etc
    • Shared database on device
    • Data storage on phone for low-connectivity
    • Data model and API running. Sync model to be tested soon in Zanzibar
    • For registration, treatment, and medication for treatment of malnutrition
    • No check for conflicts
    • Issues with how many patients to look through
    • Partition patient by clinic sight
    • Doesn't use the sync module

  • OpenMRS Android Client  
    • Will cover most of the functionality of the web application, including
      • Registering patients
      • Taking visit notes
      • Capturing Vitals
    • Supports working off-line (without network connection)
    • Communicates with OpenMRS using REST
    • Click here for repository
  • ODK Clinic - Yaw Anokwa (UW)
    • Patient syncing on phone (prior project. code unreleased.)
    • Form filling feature (prior project. code unreleased.)
    • Downloading readonly patient data using Daniel's module
    • Downloads from server, then works offline
    • Incorporates bar code scanning
    • Support XForms multimedia survey through Collect (code unreleased)
  • Sana
    • Formerly MocaMobile
    • Issues with use in Philippines
    • Wouldn't connect to GPRS
    • Only able to use as a xray capture device
  • e-Mocha
    • Clone of ODK collect with additional functionality
    • Data on SD card is encrypted
    • Focus on education/training of CHWs
    • Doesn't use OpenMRS
    • Uses XForms to ask questions about CHWs

Additional Notes for an Android Project

  • Google/Safaricom has announced the release of an $100 Android phone to the Kenya market
  • For large deployment need HTC or Brightstar for phone supply
  • Ampath has done a large rollout with a 20% device failure rate – mostly due getting refurbished phones
  • May be better to buy the phone locally
  • Lock IP address on sim card so it can only talk to the OpenMRS server
  • Or set up proxy server and block outside sites
  • More info can be found on the OpenMRS 2.x Android Client here:  OpenMRS 2.x Android Client

Desirable features

  • Bar code scanning
  • Finger print scanning (could be done from taking picture of finger print stamp on paper)
  • Being able to register new patients at a clinic setting
  • Continuity of care/case management data
  • District report printing from phone
  • Cloud print for internet printing

OpenMRS-JR - Munaf Sheikh (Cell-Life)

  • A feature-phone (J2ME) alternative
  • Downloads patients and forms
  • Fill out data and submits to OpenMRS
  • Generally works, but current version has auth bug
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