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Get to know your 2024 Candidates

Antony Ojwang


With a deep-rooted passion for OpenMRS, I have dedicated my career since 2012 championing its adoption and driving its growth. My experience straddles software development, implementation, advocacy, and collaboration as envisioned by OpenMRS community spirit. As a Senior Digital Health Architect, I currently lead initiatives that align with the mission of OpenMRS and have been instrumental in demystifying its narrative. I have established new deployments and coordinated migrations that have extended the footprint of OpenMRS to over 2,000 facilities in Kenya with over 30 facilities running the latest OpenMRS 3.X platform. 

My leadership extends beyond advocacy. I’ve been at the helm of technological advancements, ensuring OpenMRS stays at the forefront of healthcare technology. My experience in leading digital health projects extends beyond Kenya and gives me a unique perspective on the practicalities of digital health development and its implementation in different contexts. Leveraging this experience, I aim to promote collaboration, transparency of ongoing initiatives, and recognize efforts of different players. I will promote collective ownership through consensus building thereby minimizing duplication of efforts.

As an experienced member, I have introduced new talent into the OpenMRS community, mentored and supported them to grow into experienced contributors. I have also fostered partnerships with academia, promoting growth and sensitization on OpenMRS in line with the goal of OpenMRS Academy. Through these collaborations, I have convened in-country contributors to enhance and expand OpenMRS  implementations in Kenya. This experience has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to keep the OpenMRS community active through strategies that advance the platform.

As a potential board member, I bring a wealth of experience, a proven record of accomplishment of leadership, and a deep commitment to the OpenMRS community. I am ready to leverage my skills and experience to further the mission of OpenMRS and help shape its future. Specifically, I am keen on exploring ways to accelerate the delivery of a fit-for-purpose OpenMRS platform for ease of adoption in all program areas towards attaining a global half-full view rather than the half-empty narrative.

Gibril Gomez

Dear OpenMRS Community,

I am Gibril Gomez, a seasoned Health Informatics and Digital Health specialist, seeking your support for the position of OpenMRS Board of Directors Community Representative. I present a commitment to serving the OpenMRS community with a brief overview of my qualifications and aspirations. 

With over 13 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology industry, I have excelled in eHealth and mHealth systems, Electronic Health Records, web and mobile app development, database management, etc. Currently serving as the Health Informatics Director at Public Health Information, Surveillance, Solutions, and Systems (PHIS3).

I oversee NigeriaMRS (built on OpenMRS), the subregion's largest EMR system, covering over 19 states in Nigeria with over 1 million active patients on treatment. I manage Nigeria’s National Data Repository (NDR) with over 2 million active patients on treatment. I have vast knowledge of community engagements and skills in working with Government, especially Ministry of Health (MOH) personnel, with an excellent track record over the years, making me a perfect fit for the position. 

My involvement with OpenMRS dates back to 2011, making me a pioneer in Nigeria and the community at large with various engagements and support to other EMR/System implementations. Over the years, I have actively engaged with stakeholders, led innovative projects, and played a pivotal role in the development of NigeriaMRS and contributing to other country/community OpenMRS platform distributions.

I am proud to have spearheaded the first OpenMRS Implementers Conference in Nigeria (West Africa) in August 2023, hosting over 300 participants from different countries around the world, making it the first Implementers Meeting since COVID-19. This event brought together the amazing OpenMRS Community, professionals, and technology enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

If chosen as the community representative on the OpenMRS Board of Directors, I commit to providing valuable contributions, supporting innovative transformations, and expanding the
OpenMRS community and platform for enhanced healthcare delivery.

I appreciate the trust the community has placed in me with the nomination and look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the OpenMRS community.

Ian Bacher

Statement not available.

Jayasanka Weerasinghe

I am deeply honoured and grateful for the nomination to represent our vibrant community on the OpenMRS Board of Directors. Over the past five years, my focus within OpenMRS has centered
on the advancement of quality assurance. 

During my tenure, I have led initiatives to automate our quality assurance processes, transforming OpenMRS from a heavily manual testing environment to one equipped with a comprehensive and efficient test suite. My commitment to excellence extends beyond QA, as I actively contribute to OpenMRS by seamlessly integrating frontend, backend, and DevOps expertise.

Prior to my involvement with OpenMRS, I contributed to healthcare technology by working at a healthtech company focused on cancer patient care. This experience has given me valuable insights into the intersection of technology and healthcare, reinforcing my dedication to impactful solutions. 

My journey with OpenMRS began as a GSoC student, and over time, I evolved into roles such as mentor and organizational administrator. These experiences have afforded me a holistic understanding of our community's dynamics, challenges, and potential avenues for growth.

If elected to the Board of Directors, I pledge to continue fostering collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity within our community. I am committed to representing the diverse voices and perspectives that make OpenMRS truly exceptional.

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