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Please note

Today's session is cancelled as we were able to complete all the planned activities in yesterday's session. If you missed any sessions, the recording would be available from Monday, 20 March 2023.



  March 2023 Mini-community Meeting

Sharing and demoing the great work being done in the community and by implementations.

                Lighting Talks | Implementers Showcase | SQUAD Showcase

        Join us on 15th, 16th & 17th March


The OpenMRS mini-community meetings are periodic gatherings that aim to provide transparency and insight into the ongoing community projects. The meeting takes place for three days between 12pm to 3:30pm UTC. The three days are packed with squad presentations, lightning talks, plenary sessions and break out sessions.

Community members, implementations and partners are welcome to join and actively participate in the meeting through lighting talks and presentations.


  • Sharing and appreciating improvements made to OpenMRS.
  • Understanding the current community engagement processes.
  • Overview of the different community contribution paths.
  • Sustainability: What is next in terms of the product and community roadmaps.


Lightning Talks

Share your ideas and experience! Demo what you've been working on! The only caveat? A 5-minute time limit.  Sign up below to book a slot:

lightbulb Book a Lightning Talk Slot!

Implementer's Showcase

Find out what OpenMRS implementers are working on this year! Each implementer will have 10 minutes. Sign up below: 

feedback Book a Showcase for your Implementation

Squad Showcases

Squads get to share what they have achieved since the last meeting.

Each squad and team will have 10 minutes strictly. In preparation for this, each squad is required to provide a short context and a quick update on the progress made or plans for the year.

Below is a link where squad and team leads can add their presentation.

edit Add your presentation



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Email Update List

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  • NigeriaMRS

  • UCSF - MamboETL

  • METS Uganda
  • Palladium


  • Tap the registration button below
  • Proceed to register via our set up.

                    edit Register Here

Upon successful registration you will automatically receive a personalised Zoom link, shared on email. There is also a link provided which you can use to add the event to your calendar.

Note: Our meeting schedule is dynamic. Actual times for showcases may vary, depending on availability of presenters.


Topics and themes include:

  1. Shared technical approaches (packaging, reporting, form schema)
  2. Upstream contributions to OpenMRS.
  3. Showcases on Care, Configuration, Communication.
  4. Implementation Experiences & Showcases.


Wednesday 15th March

Your Local Time

Time (UTC)Duration


12:0020 Mins

Welcome | Opening


12:2040 Mins

Plenary Session: Product Dashboard and Priorities. 


13:0050 MinsCare & Configuration: OpenMRS 3.0

10 Mins

Microfronted/OpenMRS 3.0 Squad


10 MinsTechnical Action Committee

10 MinsPlatform Team

10 MinsImplementer Showcase: MamboETL

10 MinsImplementer Showcase: NigeriaMRS

13:5020 minsBreak

14:1030 MinsImplementer Experience Showcase

10 MinsQA Support Team

10 MinsImplementer Experience Showcase: EGPAF

10 Mins

Special Presentation on System Security: Secure Software Development

14:5015 MinsAfter action review and close for the day

Thursday 16th March

Your Local Time

Time (UTC)Duration


12:0020 MinsIntro to the Day

12:2040 MinsPlenary Session

13:0050 minutesIntegrations and Standards

10 MinsDictionary Manager Squad

10 MinsFHIR squad: FHIR IG Guidelines

10 MinsSMART & CDs Squad

10 MinsImplementation Showcase: Palladium

10 MinsImplementation Showcase: METS

13:5015 MinsBreak

14:0530 MinsLightning Talks

14:3515 MinsAfter action review and close

Friday 17th March: Cancelled