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  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects

Jennifer, Juliet, Grace N, Grace P, Suruchi, Sharif, Daud, Herbert, Tendo, Daniel, Ivan


1.Documentation updates

  • Brett is focusing on completing the Getting started guide and to see that our projects get completed within the next 6 weeks.
  • All the other teams and squads are progressing well regarding updating the project page template.

3. Dictionary manager updates

  • Focusing on fixing the broken builds.

4. Platform updates

  • Discussion about technical road map.
  • Plan for automating the REST API and the FHIR.

5. QA updates

  • How to improve the testing of the platform core.
  • Worked on tests that used not to run over the weekend.
  • More workflow tests added.

4.Review CI builds

6.Reff app release updates

7. Microfrontends updates

  • Working on data issues and soft release.