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  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects

Jen, Grace P, Grace N, Ivan, Juliet, Suruchi, Daniel, Daude, Herbert, Sharif, Mozzy

1. Documentation

  • Focus on completing the first Gsod 2021 objective 1: Document the process and practices for writing and updating "Getting started guides".
  • Preparing for the implementer's showcase.
  • Preparing for the next quarter of Gsod where we have to publish a Getting started template, train technical writing fellows and publishing the getting started guides.

2.Dictionary manager updates

  •     Focus is on Automated Test
  •      Clear content Review 
  •     Adding CIEL mapping in OpenMRS

3.QA updates
Cypress/Cuc demo by Juliet for automated Org creation in Dictionary Manager

4.Microfrontend updates
Focus is bug bash to finish up end-to-end outpatient demo, Patient Lists, and Offline Mode

5.Reff App release updates
HFE is blocked pending: 

6. Review CI builds
We will also now get in habit of reviewing QA Dashboard in each PM call

7. Gsoc

  • Mentor evaluations are ongoing.