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  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects

Herbert Yiga, Juliet Wamalwa, Tendo Martyn, Grace Nakiguli, Grace Potma, Sharif Magembe, Suruchi Dhungama, Daniel Kayiwa

1. GSOC 2021 updates

  • Added MFE 3.0 E2E tests project; several students have applied & self-taught in Cypress

2. OCL updates - Suruchi

  • Focusing on: API2 change over, concept customization, subscription module improvements, & additional work in the new April sprint. April sprint planning done today.
  • Also starting on E2E tests work with Cypress

 3. Microfront end updates
* 3.0 E2E tests project
* Patient Lists design cycle wrapping up
* Offline Mode (for outreach workers) design cycle starting 

4. Documentation updates - Grace N

  • Awaiting feedback from Google on the 16th of April
  • Working towards sustainability of human resource- Train and retain someone with experience on the squad.

 5.QA updates

  •  New volunteers are on-boarding. There are some blockers with working with Firefox and standalone. K.joseph is working on the error.
  • Some work will be set up for QA, OCL, Ref App 3.0. 

6. Review CI builds - Herbert

  • OpenMRS QA under Contrib project failing - Herbert to reach out to Joseph
  • OpenMRS Platform failing

7. PM dashboard