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  • Jennifer Antilla
  • Herbert Yiga
  • Tendo Kiiza Martyn
  • Grace nakiguli
  • Juliet wamalwa
  • Grace potma
  • Moses Mutesasira
  • Cliff
  • sharrif Magembe
  • Dan Kayiwa
  • Tayebwa Noah


  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects

Discussion items

GSOCCoding phase 2 is still ongoing. Everything is moving on smoothly.
Platform and reference Release updatesJennifer Antilla
  • Cliff has been selected to be the platform release manager. 
  • Nathan and Kaweesi  are the release manager mentors.
  • TAC to come up with the roadmap for the release for further guidance on the way forward.
OCL for OpenMRS updates

  • There is a sudden reduction in development resources. A plan is underway to see that there can be effective handover from Lincoln.
  • MSF has coordinated with Thought works to provide additional development resources
  • There is a dependency on OCL and CIEL processes that potentially slow down this work 
  • Grace is discussing ways to address this with Burke, Andy, and Jon Payne
  • Long term solutions might/can be included in proposal to be submitted to DS on Friday
GSOD updates

Steps to follow in the selection of projects (Herbert is GSOC Admin, with Grace N; support from Daniel & Jen)

  • Creating a poll on choosing the best project by the community
  • calling out  those who will make the review
  • Creating a scoring framework to guide the reviews
  • creating a spreadsheet for the mentors to fill in their details of the results
Review SOP for posting notes and videos after meetings

  • Each committee to make sure that the notes are transferred to the wiki page.
  • The PM team, however is to guide all squads on how to document the notes.
  • PM team to come up with a guideline on how to document the calls and also to document what this team is going to practice.
Feedback on suggestion to post Release Dates, Sprint Dates in a live Confluence Calendar

  • A release calendar has been designed to highlight upcoming events and also to help the squads follow the timelines. 
  • It will also help the community to always be aware of upcoming events.
  • It will be rolled out and then evaluated in two or three months.
Proposal to try 30 min meetings with PM Squad by @grace

This is intended to give people more time for other openmrs activities. We shall see how things move in a couple of weeks and come back to it later.

Proposal for PM Squad team survey: to learn about individuals’ interests and goalsJennifer Antilla

A survey is underway to collect information about the PM squad to know individual interests, challenges and how they can be helped to perform better.
 A link is attached


Action items