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Daniel Kayiwa
Jennifer Antilla
tendo kiiza Martyn
Herbert Yiga
Sharif Magembe
Juliet Wamalwa


  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects


1.Reference application release updates

2.GSOC updates

3.FHIR updates

4.OCL updates

5. COVID-19

Discussion Items

.Reference application release updatesMoses Mutesasira

  • - Bugs which were sported during the testing period are being fixed.
  • - CIEL concept dictionary with COVID-19 concepts was released, is bundled and ready for Ref App
  • Follow up with Moses to confirm if he has updated the openmrs metadata module with the latest CIEL dictionary.

GSOC updates

  - The students are submitting their proposals and mentors are requested to to review their work before the dateline which is 31th March 2020.
  - This project to be discussed more in a future design call. 
        Musoke from Uganda, Nicolus from Kenya can be contacted for more information since they are using this module and any Afican country using the module.

.FHIR updatesIan Bacher
  • Trying to get this deployable - running into issues getting this to load on anything that is running older versions of Tomcat
  • Seems to be an issue with Spring loading
  • Ian will reach out to Spring, OpenELIS devs
  • For documentation, post this to Talk
  • Otherwise making steady progress
  • Closing issues
  • Starting to look forward to how OpenMRS can leverage FHIR
  • Design Forum today on resource mapping for diagnostic reporting and tasks

OCL updatesHerbert Yiga
  • Herbert and Ellen worked on setting up the next sprint
  • Reached out to Lincoln to review the board to make sure that everything is included before starting the sprint
  • Members have reached out to Herbert about the next steps
  • Herbert is expecting those going through the onboarding sessions to go through the tickets 

  • Including CIEL concepts for COVID-19 in the Ref App
  • HTML forms for PUI, clinical care will be released as a module - no need to wait on this for the Ref App release
  • KenyaEMR and UgandaEMR are interested in this functionality
  • Kenya - already working on the clinical care form
  • Uganda - need to bring them into the squad

DocumentationHerbert Yiga