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Herbert Yiga

@ jennifer

Daniel Kayiwa

Yash Kothari

Moses Mutesasira


  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects


  • OpenMRS Reference Application QA process.
  • OCL for OpenMRS + Onboarding
  • GSOC
  • Bugema Presentation

Discussion Items

Ref App Quality Assurance
  • Two members (Herbert + Christine) have been testing and reporting findings on Talk.
  • Any additional testing results will be shared by March 3.
  • Testing still going on till March 4th 2020

OCL for OpenMRSHerbert Yiga
  • Next sprint:
    • The current tickets need to be updated for the next sprint
    • Will need the product owners to assist with this
    • @ball is on leave for the next two weeks, Jacinta Gichuhi is not available
  • Onboarding:
    • Continue working through the tutorials, meet on Thursdays
  • Codebase:
    • Waiting for Lincoln to finish tests on new codebase
DocumentationSome documentation tasks have been identified and are ready for work.
  • Still looking at having additional projects
  • Students are joining in and becoming familiar with projects
  • More Mentors Needed
  • Application period opens in two weeks
Bugema University Presentation

Herbert Yiga shared a draft outline for the presentation

Meeting Time Update for DST

Daylight Saving Time begins in the US on March 8, 2020 and will end on November 1, 2020.

PM meeting times will now be: 8:30pm IST | 6pm Nairobi | 5pm Cape Town | 3pm UTC | 11am Boston | 8am Seattle

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