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Jennifer Antilla

tendo kiiza Martyn

Christine Gichuki

Daniel Kayiwa

Juliet Wamalwa

Herbert Yiga


  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects


  • OpenMRS Reference Application QA process.
  • FHIR Squad Design Forum
  • Aims of OCL Onboarding
  • GSOC
  • Documentation

Discussion Items

Ref App Quality Assurance

Christine Gichuki has been in touch with two people who will assist with testing the ref app beforethe final release of the RefApp.                                     Herbert YigaChristine Gichuki and other 2 volunteers  are having a meeting tomorrow (18/2/2020) concerning the Testing process which will be done in a two weeks sprint.

FHIR SquadIan Bacher The FHIR Design Forum scheduled for 17/02/2020 has been postponed to 24/02/2020.
OCL for OpenMRS onboarding

Lincoln Karuhanga will be available on Wednesdays from 12:00 EAT. and Herbert Yiga was tasked to find out how long he will be available on Wednesdays. 

- All volunteers interested in onboarding process to complete the React tutorials and go through the OCL documentation before the onboarding sessions.

Assign tasks/bugs that require use of React skills and complete them with assistance from Lincoln Karuhanga  and Daniel Kayiwa 

DocumentationJuliet Wamalwa

We need a space where all of the tasks for re-organizing the Wiki can be found. This will let others pick up work and we can track what has been done and what is outstanding. Muhammad Arslancan go over this with us and help orient people as needed. This week's documentation meeting can look at the tasks laid out on Trello.

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