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  • Keep the pulse of current projects and releases
  • Plan for upcoming projects

Discussion items

Note taking-Two people required to take notes for PM Call /OCL Call, Tendo Volunteered , one more person required.
Reference Application Team

-Moses to Release Beta as soon as Nathan releases Platform 2.10.0

-UI Testing still ongoing.

Platform Team

- Platform Release still pending , Thoughtworks did a commit , discussions still going on with Release Managers.

-Platform to be released if no revert is done.

GCI-Admin was unavailable.

-Admin soliciting for GSOC 2020 Ideas to populate Ideas Page ahead of Org Application.(Deadline 5th Feb 2020).

-Mentors Positively Responding.

QA Team

OCL for OpenMRS SquadHerbert Yiga

OCL still Breaking , Darius Jazayeri Doing Testing .

FHIR Squad

Herbert Yiga to review their Talk thread for progress, blockers

Microfrontend Squad

Herbert Yiga to review their Talk thread for progress, blockers 

Action items

  • No Design Forums scheduled for January/February. Reach out to squad leads about interest.