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@ Herbert Yiga

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Project Activities Spreadsheet


OCL for OpenMRS

Cynthia Antwi

@ Herbert Yiga

  • No outstanding/pending tasks with the Andela Team
  • OCL MVP is on a staging server. Started on end-to-end testing.
  • Documenting each scenario will be the focus this week
  • Still to form an OCL Squad to work on OCL MVP+
OpenMRS Reference 2.10
OpenMRS Platform 2.3
  • Platform 2.3.0 Release Management Page
  • Aiming to have a full release by the end of October (Thursday)
  • Have reached out to Mekom, one of their implementations is running 2.3 with no issues
  • Would like to have more feedback from implementations (i.e: PIH).
  • @Nathan Ruhanga will post a request for feedback on Talk, then do one on one outreach to specific implementations

Documentation Review 2019

GSoD 2019

  • Documentation Guide
  • @Juliet Wamalwa shared a Google document but has not received feedback
    • Will post a Doodle poll to find a time for the community to review the guide
  • More project details can be found here
  • Daily scrums are available here.
  • No one seems blocked
  • Technical writer working on the Wiki has reached a major milestone. Need to find out if he is getting sufficient feedback on architectures for different personas.
  • Final projects are due on November 22
  • Mentor evaluations occur the week of November 25-29
  • @suthagar23 submitted the application
  • Have had a number of community members volunteer to be mentors for GCI this year
Microfrontend SquadUpdates every 2 weeks

  • The team is getting bigger
  • High volume of PRs being made, merged
  • Lack of input on frontend design
    • Greg has shared some designs on Talk and Slack. Feedback from Burke on Talk, MF Squad and some in UX Advisory group in Slack.
    • Design forum presenting initial designs.
    • Those attending MF Squad meetings were encouraged to identify someone who could provide feedback and saw some initial feedback
  • To do: Provide a summary of what has been done so far, demo their work during a call, Design Forum
  • Unknown User (herbert24) to reach out to the microfront end squad so  as it joins the monday pm calls
FHIR  Squad

Unknown User (herbert24) to reach out to the  FHIR  Squad so as it can join the monday pm calls

Action items