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Discussion items

SolDeveloRafal Korytkowski
OCL ModuleRafal Korytkowski
  • Need to follow up with Rafal to see if OCL is working
Modulus server being decommissionedDarius Jazayeri
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke
  • Tendo updated items on roadmap page
  • Final stages of testing
  • Everything updated on staging servers and should be able to release this week - Thursday (as long as know test issues)
  • Stephen will be posting to Talk about the release
  • Everything is going smoothly as of now.
  • Need to update Irene on tickets
  • METS will be providing a desk for Irene
  • Would like to release 12/20
InternshipsIvange Larry Ndumbe
  • Starting date for Google Code In was Tuesday, November 28
  • We started the contest with 79 tasks and 75 published

  • We had task across all categories.

  • 19 mentors. Most have experience from previous GCI. Some where mentors, GCI winners and finalist. Past mentors and past GSOC student/mentors

  • We also had first timers to the mentors team but they had experience working with OpenMRS. We had one student from Andela

  • Ivange built a bot that listens to task updates from GCI and connected it to a new channel to get real time GCI updates.  

  • We had too many beginner task. We need more. Beginner task disappear from students dashboard once they have completed up to 2. So in order for most of our coding tasks not to disappear Ivange didn't mark the beginner coding task Daniel created as beginner task. Ivange just made them normal task and tagged them as easy and advised students not to do more than 2 since completing one makes it easy to do the rest within 30 minutes. 
  • JIRI has been a blocker both to Ivange and some students. It took about 2 days for some of them to get access. And as for Ivange he is not sure what’s wrong. He has been unable to login to JIRA for about 2 weeks now. He has help desk case open. Whenever it’s fixed and he will login after a while, he get logged out and unable to login again until he contacts help desk.

    • Several people are having JIRA access issues. Discussion happening here on Talk

  • He has not been able to add Rafal Korytkowski task because it requires login and he has been unable to login.

AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • 4 new team members last week to start mid-week (12 total team members)
  • 4 new guys are to help the Add On team to get it done quickly for the Platform release
  • Terry working on format for Scrum of Scrums, still need to get with Darius on this

Action items