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  • 2017-11-20 Project Management Meeting
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Discussion items

Reference ApplicationUnknown User (ssmusoke)
  • Testing. Bug in dashboard core that is breaking widgets
  • Still trying to release by Friday if we can get bug fixed
  • Stephen follow up with Rafal on ??
  • Andela released bootstrap update on migration of the style guide  - allocated some guys to spike on it and are waiting on Stephen to respond

 Platform Unknown User (wyclif)

  • Starting date for Google Code In - next Tuesday, November 28
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • 4 parallel streams of work:
    • Cohort Builder
    • Add-on Manager
    • Observation Management
    • Spiking on Bootstrap
  • Upgrade FontAwesome:
  • Secondary Stephen suggests for work tickets for patient flags to display some funtionality
  • Note that an OCL CI build was disabled because it's always broken
  • Many community-priority tickets do not have any recent update ( Daniel Kayiwa to look into these.
    • Daniel looked at these and pinged people on them

Action items