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  • 2017-11-13 Project Management Meeting
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Last weeks notes 2017-11-06 Project Management Meeting
Reference ApplicationUnknown User (ssmusoke)
  • Challenge with uat-refapp server (someone just fixed it)
  • UAT will start tomorrow
  • Release could happen next week
PlatformUnknown User (burke)
  • We should plan for a Platform 2.2 release before the end of the calendar year
  • Wyclif to ask for a release manager
  • GCI: we have enough tasks (currently hidden)
  • Waiting for the starting date
AndelaUnknown User (dkayiwa)
  • 4 parallel streams of work:
    • Cohort Builder
    • Add-on Manager
    • Observation Management
    • Spiking on Bootstrap
  • Is there a way to have fewer parallel streams, and get them done faster? Unknown User (dkayiwa) to keep this in mind.
  • Unknown User (ssmusoke) to start testing Cohort Builder and help get it released
  • Is Nicholas mentoring also?

Action items