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Discussion items

Last weeks action items 2017-09-11 Project Management Meeting
Internships (GSoC)Unknown User (harsha89) & Unknown User (k.joseph)
  • Blog Post
  • Viewing party was discussed on Telegram - need a date
  • Do an after action with Harsha and Kaweesi with lessons learn so we can document admin guidance
  • Would like Suranga and Daniel on the call
  • May need to write up how to choose managers
BintrayUnknown User (raff) & Unknown User (darius)

Unknown User (raff) &  Unknown User (darius) 

  • Rafal followed up with Pawel, who is working on the specs, meant to ask his boss for next steps. Haven't heard back from him yet. He was on vacation last week so will try again this week.
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • Had a call last week with Andela - things are going well
  • had demo today for Add On
  • demo from other two groups the end of this week
PlatformBurke Mamlin
  • need to bring conversation of the roadmap to Talk
Reference ApplicationUnknown User (ssmusoke)
  • need to pick a release manager so we can move things forward

Update on new community/volunteer mentoringUnknown User (terry) & Daniel Kayiwa

Project Management Activities

  • Review activities next week
  • ask James and/or Maurya for an update on DHIS2 integration next week
Design Forum:2017-09-18 Design Forum 



Action items