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Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


August 31, 2017
    Bill - will ring off pretty soon - just checking this week's topics.
  • Social Media Update- Jeff
  • Twitter updates
  • OpenMRS Ebola twitter posting
  • Survey on new OpenMRS community members
  • Talk Post Feedback Survey
  • good survey!  will be interesting
  • OpenMRS page is now verified by Facebook- Jeff
  • now 501c3 by facebook
  • ties into fundraising; can now use as a facebook fundraising medium 
  • Advisory Committee call- September 6
  • any topics that should be discussed?
  • ideas for committee 
  • service providers - discuss this for next call ( ask specific people to be present for this call) - next date will be this topic
  • who is one/what their expertise is in different areas/ how we can best leverage them
  • OpenMRS conference Update- Christine / Jeff ( December 12 til 15th at noon;  Hackathon from the 15th at noon through the 16th) 
  • spreadsheet for conference guidance- please review and comment (Send comments to Matt)  Thanks Matt - very helpful.  
  • Budget for the conference
  • Conference Theme
  • MOU- Christime drafted MOU that we can use (if it appears that the MOU process gets bogged down, consider changing the name to "Letter of Agreement", or something with less cultural overload)
  • Malawi needs this for their MOH
  • acceptance that conference will be held; part of documentation that is needed
  • who will be doing what; we can discuss this on the conference call tomorrow 
  • volunteers for scholarship committee ( help evaluate the submissions for the scholarship) 
  • funding/ sponsorship opportunities
  • support for business sponsorship for the Summit- Bill will support this but needs someone else to help him (2 kids off to college this week!)  Bill thinks he might be better w/ marketing than sales...!  (As usual, Bill points out that Paul has excellent contacts, and is very convincing!)
  • sponsorship levels ( include some of needs)
  • might want different products
  • approaching specific organizations
  • 3 areas for action about sponsorship  (proposed by Bill)
  • “product” - different levels, acknowledgement, etc.  This is largely done, and can be changed as we learn what potential sponsors want.
  • “marketing” - how do we describe the benefits of sponsorship?  And, which organizations or business might be interested in the benefits of learning from/about the openMRS community?  Or, of gaining exposure to the projects and individuals that come to OpenMRS, etc.  That might be NGOs/implementers, or Gates (NGO sponsors), etc.  Or it could be companies wanting to support the work, or learn from it (IMO, for instance, might fit both categories.
  • “sales” - a dirty term, perhaps, but someone has to actually follow up with these organizations and gauge interest/make the offer.   This is obviously done best by someone with appropriate contacts within those organizations.
  • LT meeting--before or after  ( clarify the need for additional space ) 
  • how much time?
  • I believe we decided December 11 would be the LT meeting day - JN
  • Bahmni meeting
  • piggy back onto location for Bahmni call/training
  • OpenSRP may have similar needs
  • may have space implications
  • PIH presence at the conference
  • video to present 
  • sponsored attendance by some of the Malawi PIH people at the conference( perhaps 6-10?)
  • Bahmni 
  • Funding from DIAL- specific amount of funding
  • PATH seeking out some additional funding for this after the new FY
  • money will go through TW and through OpenMRS
  • Governance (Darius)
  • fiscal sponsorship
  • review of documents by the lawyers(waiting for some clarification questions) 
  • draft contract/ software conservancy 
  • MOU
  • governance document
  • infrastructure support - share write up and plan for informing the BOD
  • Burke- working with Cintia
  • road map page with the link in the above notes page
  • Leapfrog contacts 
  • OpenMRS BOD
  • board member nominations - pending some discussions  with individual people that have been continued
  • GSoC
  • update on mentor travel costs
  • Budet/Spend plan for OpenMRS
  • Outreachy
  • pending write up of value by Terry
  • Web site update 
  • Jeff- share the spreadsheet
  • create milestone /pathway
Monthly Items 
  • Fundraising Update
  • Operational Plan Update
  • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
  • Partnerships- third Thursday
  • plan meeting for the OMRS conference for the LT  
  • BOD Update
Quarterly Update (link to the quarterly status spreadsheet?)
  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
Parking Lot Follow Up items
  • Diversity Council-Terry 
  • Follow up re:  Pathway to Improved Terminology Management for the OpenMRS Community - Jonathan Payne ( update) - deferred


You can also access the notes below here.

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