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  • 2017-07-17 Project Management Meeting
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Discussion items

Internships (GSoC)Unknown User (k.joseph)
  • Week 7
BintrayUnknown User (raff) & Unknown User (darius)
  • Rafal has written down the migration path from Modulus to Bintray/Addons at Modulus Migration Path
  • Would like feedback on anything missing
  • Please also review the new Module Release page.
  • Need to set some deadlines.
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • things are going well and making process
  • doing a sprint for existing tickets for 1.0 while Daniel organizes tickets for Reference App and Platform
  • have GSoC student working on getting administrative features to OWAs
  • how to organize OWAs vs modules and avoid intrepid. (burke, daniel, wylcif rafal, darius)
  • who else can create a list of items for Andela to work on? Like UI work?
  • make a more public place to ask for ideas (ie. Talk post)
PlatformUnknown User (burke)
  • The document is here.
  • Ready to post to Talk
Reference ApplicationUnknown User (ssmusoke)
  • Will look at community priority ticket process and engagement on 8/7
  • Outcome of Quarterly Scrum of Scrums on July 12th
    • summaries for those who didn't show at the end of the call
    • need to have better time management (be clear there is a 10 min standup)
    • post to Talk separate and be clear there is a 10 min standup
  • Talk about logistics and cross walk of the Quarterly Scrum of Scrums? (would like to have Terry and Jan on the call)
  • Need to have a larger discussion on whether just bringing a list to this group is good enough or how do we build a "mentoring system" like GSoC
    • Daniel has been trying to start a policy for follow up with people who introduce themselves to help guide
    • have a backlog, reached out and not getting a lot of responses
  • Looking at the timing of these calls to make sure they are convenient for everyone (Example: Jan Flowers can not come during the current time)
    • Will be posting a Doodle poll to Talk today- required Terry, Jan, Burke, Darius, Jamie, Wyclif, Daniel, Rafal, Stephen

Action items