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Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • July 13, 2017
        Andy (first half)
    • Town Hall Meeting Update (19th during University session is conflicting with Advisory Council Meeting
    • will do on July 26 
    • Suggested to include a joint bahmni-openmrs town hall
    • Jan can join- schedule 
    • Darius can be on that day -
    • public post about the idea
    • questions and answers/ publicize more prior to the date of the meeting 
    • GSoC Update- Suranga/etc- going fine; lots of positive feedback at the current time ( lots of Talk posts) 
    • Global Goods Update-   feedback from Carl and from Lauren 
    • unlock more resources from multiple agencies; USAID may make additional funding in next CoAG with a Gates matching proposal 
    • in process of building process for board ( review/evaluate proposals and make decisions)- first review in October
    • Quarterly report update - due to the BOD Friday! :)
    • Make sure to update your sections
    • Jeff needs Talk analytics
    • Jeff at school (congrats!)
    • Starting Aug 28 and I'll reduce time I spend on OpenMRS initially and will increase time as I settle in
    • Bahmni Update- Darius/Jan
    • what are the next steps? 
    • role of OpenMRS as a fiscal sponsor
    • is the contracting that we are facilitating consistent with the OpenMRS mission-- Paul will follow up on this and check it 
    • can move this ahead without waiting for BOD to comment 
    • Update on Summit - OMRS17 - Christine ( Jan, Jeff, Christine) 
    • scheduled call with Malawi team and discuss commitment and expectations July 13
    • Malawi would prefer the Nov 27-Dec 1, but we'll need to revisit those exact dates and possibly push them 2-3 days later because of Thanksgiving weekend. They said they were flexible as long as it didnt' go into Dec 8
    • comfortable with posting to OpenMRS Talk the commitment of Malawi
    • concerned with Code base not being open currently
    • Will be having a meeting soon and code will be open after  ? what time? 
    • PIH / Ellen knows more - have visited Baobab, Lighthouse
    • In 81 Health Centers
    • what is important for the implementers meeting
    • OpenMRS Distribution- code has to be open source/ have to use the platform 
    • how active a contributor should you be to the OpenMRS community 
    • Need to confirm that the code is open source  (intent and willingness is needed) 
    • Paul will reach back out about the current commitment in Malawi 
    • expressed intent  from MOH to use OpenMRS platform 
    • PIH team may be willing to help participate/ explain what they are doing there / based on official OpenMRS release 
    • what else is needed to help Christine - will decide the timing of the announcement  after Paul has conversation 
    • OpenMRS BOD Call
    • any ideas for the agenda? what do you want to include? 
    • Bahmni
    • Andela partnership / Sol Develo partnership
    • participation in the Town Hall and the Summit
    • scheduled for July 14
    • Funding for Infrastructure- Burke
    • Burke indicated the following:
    • Hiring full time in Indy- 130K/year ( unlikely that we can have this) 
    • Infrastructure via Jetstreams – which is a donation from RI at the current time
    • Finding & hiring a sysadmin who’s outside the US.
    • Look into hiring a freelance sysadmin through something like Toptal or Upwork (my first random google hits). Assuming (randomly off the top of my head) 20 hours/week x 50 weeks x $50/hour, that’s $50k (for a half-time freelance sysadmin for a year)
    • Finding a sysadmin grad student who wants to make OpenMRS Infrastructure their thesis.
    • ?Other ideas
    • Burke will be back next week so we can defer an indepth conversation until then but we need to think about our options. 
    • helpful to understand the current budget 
    • Diversity Council-Terry 
    • identify and invite women from posts to intro to talk category- are people ok with that? 
    • Potential for 'internships'- Jeff/Terry 
    • is there a need/a way to do this?
    • Some people request opportunities for non-dev roles; how would we mobilize them?
    • Suggestion to avoid specifically creating program for Impelmenters
    • Expand conception further to include more non-devs
    • BA
    • Documentation
    • etc.
    • Things to think about
    • Implementers typically have their own funding
    • OpenMRS doesn't implement the software
    • wording; might not be an 'internship' but more of an 'implementer program'
    • fellowship program
    • Previous GSOC student moves onto this type of project
    • Difficulty bringing in non-devs to a dev centered community
    • Continued "Leadership Team" discussion
    • Fiscals-- no change
    • Report on Fundraising Efforts @Andy
    • Operational Plan Update
    Monthly Items 
    • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
    • Partnerships- third Thursday 
    Quarterly Update (link to the quarterly status spreadsheet?)
    • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
    • Diversity Council
    • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
    • who is contributing code
    • volunteer contributions
    • go through some of the numbers--and gather them before the TH and review them
    Parking Lot Follow Up items
    • Follow up re:  Pathway to Improved Terminology Management for the OpenMRS Community - Jonathan Payne ( update) - deferred
    • Next steps:
    • review google doc and engage on talk thread


You can also access the notes below here.

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