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PHR authentication to OpenMRS

The mUzima team is working to design a personal health record (PHR) application that patients will use on their mobile devices to connect with OpenMRS. Patients should be able to access their historical data and save patient entered data. We are planning to create user accounts for patients in OpenMRS and link the two accounts (patient & user). Since having patients as users is something unprecedented we would like to get the perspective of the larger OpenMRS community on the challenges this approach will pose or any other alternatives that can be explored on patient authentication.


  • How to authenticate to OpenMRS from the PHR app?
  • How do you save patient entered data to OpenMRS?
  • How can patient self registration be achieved from the PHR?


@burke,@wyclif,@dkayiwa,@judy,@jthomas, @ellymakuba, @mwere,@mssavai,@sthaiya,@ayeung,@jacqueymaina,@jnakibuuka, @balirwa, @baleb


You can also access the notes below here.



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)