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Discussion items

Internships (GSoC)Harsha Kumara & Kaweesi Joseph
  • Week 6
  • Not on call ping them to join next week
BintrayRafal Korytkowski
  • Rafal has finalized modulus to Bintry script
  • Reached out to Bintray team on bug which doesn't display the latest released version of a module correctly.
  • Rafal needs to set up syncing
  • Rafal will write up wiki page on how to publish modules to Bintray then find a volunteer for other documentation
  • Should add statement on when module will be "end of life"
  • Anything in modulus will be in Bintray as well but some things that are in Bintray will not be in modulus
  • There could be potential bottle necks / issues so Rafal will create wiki page on steps for moving to Bintray and then ask for comments
  • Need to write wiki page on steps / project plan on how to migrate community from Modulus to Bintray
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • 6-month contract, so there will be 4, 8, 12, 12, 8, 4 developers over the six months
  • Started today (July 10). Had a meeting with introductions and asked questions
  • Daniel suggested that the team immerse themselves in setting up the development environment, getting openmrs ids, getting on IRC, etc.
  • Burke suggests the Andela team to create an OWA to provide easy addon  management within the platform (i.e., an OWA that can ship with the platform and – out of the box – provide admin-only web access to manage addons/modules/OWAs within the platform)
  • We had indicated previously that we wanted them to work on regular standard roadmap
  • Daniel's GSoC student working on management of starting and stopping of modules, displaying of system information, managing encounters -
  • Daniel will create more ticket for new reference app and platform for the team to work on
PlatformBurke Mamlin
  • The document is here.
  • Burke has made edit to the doc and needs to post to Talk
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke
  • 18 available community priority tickets
  • 25 available curated intro
  • 1 closed this week
  • Need to look at community priority ticket process and engagement in a month
  • Quarterly Scrum of Scrums on July 12th
    • need to post a reminder to Talk w/ summary and time
  • Talk about logistics and cross walk of the Quarterly Scrum of Scrums on July 17th when Terry returns.
  • Need to have a larger discussion on whether just bringing a list to this group is good enough or how do we build a "mentoring system" like GSoC
    • Daniel has been trying to start a policy for follow up with people who introduce themselves to help guide
  • Need to look at the timing of these calls to make sure they are convenient for everyone (Example: Jan Flowers can not come during the current time)
    • Friday's would be okay but Monday's are preferred
    • Doodle poll to Talk - required Terry, Jan, Burke, Darius, Jamie, Wyclif, Daniel, Rafal, Stephen

Action items