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How to Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • Date: July 06, 2017
    • Town Hall Meeting Update - Date to reschedule?
    • July 12/19?
    • suggeted 19th after the board meeting so we can provide BOD update
    • Suggested to include a bahmni-openmrs town hall
    • Provide a consolidated announcement/update similar to annual report
    • Present information first
    • Provide opportunity for discussion based on community feedback
    • Suggested to use updates that we provide the BOD
    • Maintaining openness and transparency
    • Survey to ask if people want to hold a town hall based on the info provided?
    • Next steps: avoide scheduled/quarterly town halls
    • Use discussion pieces that warrant community input and feedback
    • avoid "talk AT the community"
    • This particular town hall requires a schedueld meeting because of Bahmni discussion
    • Idea: develop an 'announcements' list for those that don't follow Talk frequently      +1 (Jan) +2Jeff (or one, not being selfish)
    • Include Town Hall Updates as a LT discussion for next week
    • Global Goods Update-  waiting for feedback from Carl and from Lauren (monday)
    • Still working through process- first time conducting this
    • Quarterly report update 
    • Make sure to update your sections
    • Bahmni Update- Darius/Jan
    • update on edits of document/. distro to BoD
    • Sent to BOD on 6 July
    • Most likely will be discussed on call next week, but probably won't be resonded to until then
    • Posted to Talk for community feedback
    • "Whats the benefit of OpenMRS taking on the additional workload for this?"
    • Jan and darius spoke to president of Benitec about this type of agreement
    • reaffirmed decision to pursue this partnership
    • Update on Summit - OMRS17 - Christine
    • Tallied update from community - Malawi won nomination by 1 vote
    • In addition, Malawi better fits the criteria Paul posted 
    • Swaziland is newer in their implementation
    • Committee majority vote is for Malawi
    • Based on criteria and the community's vote, Malawi best fits the criteria and should be the location
    • Next steps
    • draft announcement
    • schedule call with Malawi team and discuss commitment and expentations
    • Invite community leaders to join the call
    • Jeff will connect Christine with Matthew for scheduling
    • After discussion with Malawi, Christine will publish announcement
    • Education/Documentation Update
    • Brian Karui - implementer in Kenya, working on implementer documentation for the community
    • 2 more volunteers want to help with documentation - specifically with bugs / Jeff following up
    • Continued "Leadership Team" discussion (deferred)
    • Diversity Council- languishing - Terry (deferred)
    • identify women from posts to intro to talk category?
    • Fiscals-- no change
    • Funding for Infrastructure- Burke (on vacation-- will schedule for next week) 
    • should we take OpenMRS money to fund this ( how much are we talking about?)
    • how much do we need
    • how do we fund it
    • potential for 'internships'- Jeff/Terry (rescheduled for next week)
    • is there a need/a way to do this?
    • Some people request opportunities for non-dev roles, how would we mobilize them?
    • Suggestion to avoid specifically creating program for Impelmenters
    • Expand conception further to include more non-devs
    • BA
    • Documentation
    • etc.
    • Things to think about
    • Impleenters typically have their own funding
    • OpenMRS doesn't implement the software
    • wording; might not be an 'internship' but more of an 'implementer program'
    • fellowship program
    • Previous GSOC student moves onto this type of project
    • Difficulty bringing in non-devs to a dev centered community
    • Partnerships
    • Andela - new contract signed for 6 months worth of internships
    • sent contract over to andela after opportunity for LT feedback was provide
    • Quarterly Scrum of Scrums
    • Next Wed 6am PT/9am ET
    • uberconf/openmrs
    • Jamie posted to Talk - Darius will follow up advertise
    • Report on Fundraising Efforts @Andy
    • Operational Plan Update
    Monthly Items 
    • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
    • Partnerships- third Thursday 
    Quarterly Update (link to the quarterly status spreadsheet?)
    • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
    • Diversity Council
    • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
    • who is contributing code
    • volunteer contributions
    • go through some of the numbers--and gather them before the TH and review them
    Parking Lot Follow Up items
    • Follow up re:  Pathway to Improved Terminology Management for the OpenMRS Community - Jonathan Payne ( update) - deferred
    • Next steps:
    • review google doc and engage on talk thread

You can also access the notes below here.

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