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Discussion items

Internships (GSoC)Harsha Kumara & Kaweesi Joseph
  • In our 2nd week of GSoC
  • 1st week - students raised questions which have been answered
  • Are all 15 students in contact with their mentors and progressing? 
  • There are weekly reports where the students can raise questions and then Harsha/Kaweesi follow up with students.
  • Want students to record 1-3 minute videos of progress on their projects during evaluation times (28 July and 29 August)
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • What work is left in the current phase of work?
  • 11 tickets left (9 fixes, 2 new features)
  • 1 sprint for each for the 2 groupings of tickets should cover it (2 weeks each)
  • 14 June start sprint on 9 fixes, 21 June start sprint for 2 new features
SolDeveloRafal Korytkowski
  • Jamie reached out to Rafal to see if SolDevelo needs anything from us at this time
PlatformBurke Mamlin
  • Jamie reached out to Burke for an update and to see how we can keep the vision for the platform moving forward while he is on Wards
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke
  • Was a topic on last weeks design forum. What is happening? Next steps?
  • This week Rafal is going to put some work into moving module repository to Bitray
  • When Rafal moves module repository then documentation will become outdated so we need to have someone help with this, like a volunteer. - Rafal is to create a Talk post looking for volunteer assistance for this.
  • PM call on July 10 will talk about community priority ticket process and engagement

  • Jamie is back in the office full-time
  • Burke will not be on design calls or PM calls until July 10th - try him on Talk and email
  • What quarterly items people feel should be reviewed over the next month?
    • feel like we need to "troll" Talk to get updates on quarterly items
    • Scrum of scrums held on 12 April - need to get better logistical understanding 
    • Need to figure out how to cross walk updates from scrum of scrums to PM and OMRS Operational Plan.

Action items