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How to Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


May 4, 2017
  • Fast Forward Accellerator Program- Jan/Jeff
  • Requires a strict definition of a 'founder' to be present at each meeting in san francisco
  • Volunteer of the Month- Cintia for last month ; will have this in process for next month
  • Tech Update- burke  
  • updates ongoing 
  • OpenMRS as a global good- due May 5 - 
  • ci=onsider including 1,2, 6 and distribution providers 
  • Directions: use the template to provide a high level view of the budget needs.
  • High level budget gap analysis
  • Current total annual budget for software development  (USD)% of current budget spent on core software development and support (vs. implementation-specific work)
  • Current annual spend on core software development (calculated)
  • Annual funding needed to fully support core software development for long-term growth (USD)
  • Bahmni and OpenMRS - @Darius
  • Advisory Council Update - Bahmni coalition presented asking for advice on OpenMRS participation- we didnt get specific feedback on how to participate
  • focus was on should we participate during the conversation
  • info about the BoD and the role wiht Bahmni
  • we will need to figure out how we are participating and in what manner
  • we have to notify the BoD - can let the BoD know that we are considering this option and sharing it with the BoD and getting feedback to that option
  • TIming
  • Darius posts to Talk ( Monday/Tuesday)
  • we send information to the BoD about what we are discussing with the community
  • gather feedback from the community
  • represent to the LT call
  • gather information from the LT call and develop/endorse a recommendation
  • share that recommendation with the BoD and ask for their comments
  • Making money for OpenMRS
  • can we be our own organization with offerings and add indirects to our billing
  • what are ways for us to develop a business model to move our work along
  • is there a way to do evaluations/ assessments/ fill some gaps with our team that will allow us to sustain our organizations
  • we can 'sell' ourselves or collbaorate with others 
  • core support offerings - dev shop, whether hired directly or within partner orgs
  • what about filling the role that TW has been doing now that TW is scaling back
  • can we talk to TW about picking up those implementation dev needs for those that they are not going to be supporting?
  • implementer training? (not actual implementation)
  • not being prime on implementation would be a goal - 
  • training local service providers to support an implementation would be in our purview
  • thought leadership - how could we do this w/o competing against our dayjobs
  • discussion about multiple needs
  • e.g. appointment scheduling in the product
  • need to figure out how to do this
  • next steps- develop some business models
  • few different models to explore what we could offer
  • principle of agreeing to do things that do not hurt any other member of our community
  • Budget/Expenses- pending from Theresa P
  • Partnerships @Jan
  • OSL Support (deferred)
  • BoD Membership Update- Paul - no update today 
Recurrent Topics
  • Weekly
  • Report on Fundraising Efforts - Jeff
  • OMRS17 Locations
  • Operational Plan Update
  • Monthly Items
  • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
  • Partnerships - third Thursday 
  • Quarterly Update
  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Diversity Council
  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
  • who is contributing code
  • volunteer contributions


You can also access the notes below here.

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