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  • 2017-04-03 Project Management Meeting
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Discussion items

RefApp 2.6 
  • Rafał working with Hillary
  • Review road map
Core 2.1 
  • Darius pointed out that "Platform 2.1" is actually a release of core (not the full platform)
  • Darius aiming to get to "1.0" before GSoC begins
  • Student applications due today
  • Good progress from students.
  • Talked about more effective ways of communicating events like sprint demos. Talk announcement is good, but we might be able to do better with a shared calendar. Wiki calendar has never been widely used or adopted. Perhaps a Google calendar would be more widely used (if maintenance was reasonably distributed & understood)
  • Need to have brainstorming discussion on possible projects
OCL Subscription module 
  • Rafał recently met with Jonathan Payne and ThoughtWorks folk who had been working on OCL
  • Rafał plans to try fixing a bug in server side code as a first step
Scrum of Scrums 
  • First quarterly meetup planned for next week (Wed or Thur). Discussion here.

Action items