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  • 2017-03-20 Project Management Meeting
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Discussion items

Last weeks action items 

2017-03-13 Project Management Meeting

Jamie's Leave 

Unknown User (jeffneiman) has offered to help with posting combinations for design forums

Burke Mamlin will be scheduling dev forums and communications

Unknown User (lbanister) is helping with coordination of the Advisory Council

?? organizing and following up on action items from PM calls

Platform 2.1.0Unknown User (darius) 
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.6Unknown User (ssmusoke)
Replace Module RepositoryUnknown User (darius) 
GSoCUnknown User (surangak), Unknown User (k.joseph), Unknown User (harsha89), Burke Mamlin 
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • When is the demo? Is there a Talk post?
Quarterly Scrum of ScrumsUnknown User (darius) 
Work Time: Project Wiki Clean Up 

Project Home Page

We cleaned up everything that was listed under Active Projects that started with the letter A.

Lots of cleanup still to be done!



Action items