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Discussion items

Discussion items

Last Weeks Action Items 2017-02-06 Project Management Meeting 
Platform 2.0.3 and Platform 2.0.4Burke Mamlin 
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.6Stephen Senkomago Musoke 
Replace Module RepositoryDarius Jazayeri 
Internships?Program Administrator 
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa 
Work Time: Project Wiki Clean UpBurke cleaned up Available Development Projects pages.

Action items

  • Stephen Senkomago Musoke will be responsible to make sure 2.6 Technical Roadmap items get specified so other developers can help to get tickets done, GSoC students can even pick these up
  • Darius Jazayeri will work with Jan Flowers on putting together a schedule for quarterly project updates
  • Burke Mamlin will reach out to Stephen Senkomago Musoke to ask that he either join weekly PM call or ensure an updated on RefApp PM status is available (via proxy, update on Talk, etc.)
  • Sri Maurya Kummamuru will ensure a release manager is identified by Wednesday, 8-Feb-2017
  • Burke Mamlin to send post on Talk inviting people to help with security issues and to seek a security lead