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Last Weeks Action Items 2017-01-30 Project Management Meeting
SolDeveloRafal Korytkowski
  • nothing planned out for upcoming work - looking for ideas for projects
  • How to bridge disconnect on whether people are using Android client?
  • Suggest doing a Sprint on Ref App 2.6 this month - reach out to Stephen so he has a deadline for getting some tickets prepared
  • OCL subscription module sprint was done in December
  • Android client has not been used in production yet
  • SolDevelo implemented a bunch of missing features and now we are starting to see some interest and people are asking questions
  • Target organization would use this? Started as a mobile way to use Ref App and also for offline use of server.
Platform 2.0.3 and Platform 2.0.4Burke Mamlin
  • Accidentally didn't include bundled modules in Platform 2.0.3
  • Platform 2.0.4 will be released shortly (Technical Roadmap updated accordingly)
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.6Stephen Senkomago Musoke
  • Working on identifying a release manager
  • Plan to have a release manager identified by Wednesday, 8-Feb-2017
Replace Module RepositoryDarius Jazayeri
  • Working with Reuben Varghese on additional features
  • Current plan is to run alongside module repo as
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • Students are creating sprint
  • Plan to announce Andela project/sprint tomorrow
  • We could use a "How to announce a sprint" recipe
    • Really simple (3-5 steps at most)
      • Announce on Talk with sprint-announcement label.
      • Have an explicit start & end
      • Link to tickets (preferably a sprint board at ... or similar)
      • Make it clear where to join the conversation (name a specific channel like IRC, Telegram, a Talk topic, ...)
      • Update regularly (e.g., a weekly update on Talk or at least add a comment to the announcement topic with an update on progress)
  • GSoC project pages needed ASAP! (Discussed on today's Design Forum)
Work Time: Project Wiki Clean Up 

Action items