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How to Join

Contact Jeff Neiman for more information on how to join the call.


  • Notes
    January 19, 2017
    Bill (mute-only, most likely!)
    • OpenMRS Educational Work
    • job analysis for implementers
    • Github code of conduct (create our own?)
    • Renamed to Github Conventions
    • no need to create our own 
    • Annual Report
    • Still need Platform, Partnerships, and Reference application sections
    • Jan to export the atlas spreadsheet to update the data
    • plan to update/publish the report- communication glossy ( graphic designers to help with this)
    • Include more information of OMRS16
    • OpenMRS meeting
    • article- with Evelyn at this time 
    • after action report pending 
    • OMRS16 Survey Data
    • Ok to post to talk?? Yes! But please as embedded PDF (not Word)
    • posting as a leadership team with a synopsis/where it was done/ limitations of who participated /community voice and thankful for their input and to help guide our work
    • Emphasize community's voice, and that the leadership team will be using this as a guide
    • Short and sweet! @Jeff will send to Terry and discuss before posting
    • bias in repondants discussed on call
    • consider additional evaluation of the community et al
    • Q4 Report
    • Completed
    • still need to have updated spreadsheet 
    • Community Board Member election update ( Burke) 
    • Reminders sent our yesterday (18 Jan) generated more than 50 additional responses.
    • Deadline for voting is tomorrow (20 Jan) at 23:59 UTC.
    • Over 130 responses so far.
    • Operational Plan 
    • 2017- meeting tomorrow 
    • Operational plan metrics 2017
    • shoudnt track the stretch goals 
    • umbrella of a partnership goals
    • include service providers / distributions / tech partners and other work under this in the operational plan
    • OSI Outreach (Jeff) 
    • four questions to answer for the community
    • post to talk to ask the community for their responses 
    • and send to Paul
    • fundraising SOP - updated 
    • Fundraising Update
    • Lilly- date to follow up
    • Skoll - foundation 
    • fundraising calls-- thursday right before the LT call
    • leverage sales force to help manage the process
    • post evaluation on the holiday campaign 
    Recurrent Topics
            •        Search string to bring up the Talk threads for the LT calls 
    •         (Last three meetings are all named "2016...")
    • Woops! Someone (Me) needs to change their macro... Thanks!
    • Report on Fundraising Efforts @(Jeff) 
    • No updates on numbers
    • Working on SOP 
    • Annual report 
    • Openmrs meeting article
    • After action report
    • Operational plan  2017
    • Op plan metrics 2017
    • Fourth quarter report
    • Op plan metrics2016
    • Fundraising sop update
    • Comms plan sop
    Monthly Items 
    • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
    • Partnerships- third Thursday 
    Quarterly Update
    • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
    • Diversity Council
    • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
    • who is contributing code
    • volunteer contributions
    • go through some of the numbers--and gather them before the TH and review them
    • consider looking at Bitergia
    Parking Lot Items
    • Recurring governance structure
    • OSCON 2017 Brainstorming (Dec 2015 Brainstorm for May 8-11, 2017)
    • Strategic Goal Updates (every six weeks)- one each week/ ongoing 
    • Review suggested organizational/ community changes (need to find list MD made)
    • Roles of the Community Manager 


You can also access the notes below here.

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