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  • 2017-01-17 Meeting notes
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  • will postpone the meeting - posted to talk
  • will post another date to see how to get the right people in the room
  • reach out directly to identify people - suggested using Atlas as guide
  • ask for confirmation that they will attend prior to doing a call
  • job analysis people- ideally need 4/6 people who have actually implemented- may be able to do with three
  • lessons learned from the sites 
  • update the email and indicate that we delayed and are tentatively rescheduling for next Wed at the same time
  • update on the calender for OpenMRS about the meeting
  •  need to delay tomorrows job analysis - postpone this

Action items

  • Postpone and re-schedule Education Meeting
  • Re-send ask email with different wording
  • Aggregate list of implementers from Atlas