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Discussion items

Review action items from last week: 2016-12-19 Project Management Meeting  
Ref App 2.6Stephen Senkomago Musoke
  • burke sent email stephen and maurya
  • release Ref App will be in April
  • need to set up second small group convo about leadership of Ref App
  • small group still need to have a call with Stephen to see what leadership on the Ref App looks like and how we can help him be successful
PM Ongoing Projects 
  • spreadsheet of PM activities
  • want to better understand what on-going projects need from OpenMRS PM
    • Terry and Darius want to create a message for reaching out to the different groups with on going projects with the goal of understanding where they are at, where we can follow what they are doing(updates) and/or frequency we should be reaching out to them
Other PM Meeting (Thursdays) 
  • Happening on Thursday's - 5:30 PM ET
  • Attendees: Chis Powers, David Desimone, Cathryn Coy, Jeff Neiman, and a new PM volunteer named Tom Healy
  • Goal: further develop the SOP for project managers to lead projects as well as new volunteers to get involved as PMs
  • Formed to discuss high-level PM strategies because the feeling was Monday calls became too technical and too specific to single projects (SOPs, documentation, recruitment)
  • PM Drive accomplishments; concept management, resources, deadline setting, community updates, best practices for starting a new project (most ar a work in progress)
  • would like to see finished documentation imported into the wiki when complete
  • add the Project Management under Project Space
  • need to go thru the projects and clean them up
PM tool 
  • took a look at the tickets

Action items

  • Jamie Thomas to follow up with Michelle to se if second small group convo with Stephen has been set up.
  • Theresa Cullen and Darius Jazayeri will put together a communication ask for ongoing projects
  • Theresa Cullen reach out to JJ to set up a call to talk about partnership with AMPATH EMR
  • Jamie Thomas will schedule PM call time to up projects