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Discussion items

Platform 2.0.2 ReleaseBharat Akkinepalli
Ref App 2.6

Sri Maurya Kummamuru

Stephen Senkomago Musoke

  • Identifying a release manager - reach out to Stephen?
  • Stephen and Sri Maurya Kummamuru should probably have a discussion about identifying a release manager when he comes back from India. between the two of them should be making sure that this release happens in March
  • To hit March release may need to be paired with a technical mentor
  • Would be good for Stephen to host a kick off  meeting for this new effort and to intentional invite JJ Dick (AMPATH EMR) so they can collaborate with us
PM Ongoing Projects 
Other PM Meeting (Thursdays) 
  • Happening on Thursday's - 5:30 PM ET
  • Attendees: Chis Powers, David Desimone, Cathryn Coy, Jeff Neiman, and a new PM volunteer named Tom Healy
  • Goal: further develop the SOP for project managers to lead projects as well as new volunteers to get involved as PMs
  • Formed to discuss high-level PM strategies because the feeling was Monday calls became too technical and too specific to single projects
PM Goals from OMR16 
  • Terry is planning to look at notes for action items to share out on Talk

Action items