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Discussion items

Prep for OMRS16 

Plan for some unconference sessions

  • Community Priorities
    • What do you want OpenMRS to look like in a year?
    • Implementation Priorities survey (what are your top 3 priorities for 2017?). Would be nice to get this before the session (to highlight similarities & differences)
    • How do folks who don't have a large dev bench get input into prioritization?
  • How to operationalize community priorities?
    • Converting the weekly PM meeting into a "scrum of scrums"
    • How would you (an implementing org) want this to happen?
    • Who can help pave this road?
    • Straw man approach
    • Pairing expert devs with implementations? Exchange program (e.g., an implementation "donates" a developer to community tasks in exchange for expert dev's time)?
  • Increasing Community Transparency. How can the community help you get your work done? How can the community better help projects get their needs met? How do we maximize convergence without getting in projects' ways?
    • Something like GitLab?
    • A formal process for getting input into community direction, for getting new features or changes into the Platform?
    • How can we keep a "pulse on the chaos" (make it easier for people to see the work being done)
      • Who is doing work now? (point in time)

Action items