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Discussion items

2.5 update

tadeo taremwa

Daniel Kayiwa

  • try to make sure modules do not release snapshots - 6 or 7 would need to be rereleased
  • good to say we are in UAT before we re-release
  • REPORT-771 - Getting issue details... STATUS - just needs to be released
  • releasing Reporting, Registration App, and Reference Metadata today
PM ToolDarius Jazayeri
  • core broken for 7 hours
  • Darius still needs to share code for PM tool
  • Community Priority Kanban: 1 needs attention, 14 todos, 12 in progress, 0 testing, 4 done
  • going to make TRUNK-4830 - Getting issue details... STATUS a discussion on a design forum this week
  • still need to
    • getting code and updating it to look at current releases
    • adding some features to specifically pull in where work is happening
    • look at the people spending bulk of time on OpenMRS priorities and what issues are assigned to them
    • need to create process for deciding on community process
Maintenance 2.0 releaseBharat Akkinepalli
  • fixing some issues now
  • if fine after upgrade and compatibility with Bahmni release by end of October 2016

Action items