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  • 2016-09-26 Project Management Meeting
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  • 2.5 Update
  • Review Community Priority Kanban board
  • PM Call Topic List

Discussion items

2.5 Update

tadeo taremwa

Daniel Kayiwa

  • by end of today Daniel will be done with releasing on modules so tadeo taremwa can proceed
  • need to get a server up to test the release
  • should be looking out for maintenance 2.0 release manager – Darius suggests that Bahmni team should provide release manager
Review Community Priority Kanban board 

PM call topic list

  • Make list of items to look at on the PM call
  • PM Tool -
    • create process for deciding on community process
    • update code
    • add features
    • individuals spending time and how
  • looking to get dev3 + to help with tasks

Action items

  • Sri Maurya Kummamuru will reach out to Bahmni team to find out who can represent the team as maintenance 2.0 release manager
  • Darius Jazayeri to us the source of his PM tool –
  • getting code and updating it to look at current releases
  • adding some features to specifically pull in where work is happening
  • look at the people spending bulk of time on OpenMRS priorities and what issues are assigned to them
  • need to create process for deciding on community process