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Discussion items

1.12 PlatformBharat Akkinepalli
2.0 PlatformMayank Sharma
  • beta of 2.0 and having discussions of extending length of beta release for TW to add features in 1.x so they can make it into 2.0
  • While Platform 2.0 remains in beta, features added in 1.12 or in a 1.13 can be forward-ported to master & backported to 2.0, making these features available consistently from 1.x through master - want to make sure features added to 1.x do not disappear in 2.0 and then reappear in 2.1+.
2.4 Ref AppJames deGraft-Johnson
2.5 Ref App 
  • need to start thinking about what 2.5 will be
  • need to work with Hamish (OMRS Goal#2) and Jan (user needs)

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