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Discussion items

OpenMRS Scrums
  • took a look at the scrum log
  • try to take tickets that are "community priorities" that do not have a decision or are not ready for work and get them ready
  • 3/21 will Talk about about community development swim lane and how we want to be using the time, how much time it should be taking for someone, how can we get to a point where the swim lane is more than one person and led by additional people.
Order Set 
  • order sets merged into 1.12.x. Final work requires forward-porting to 2.0.x and master.
2.0Mayank Sharma
  • 7 issues are currently under development
  • will make beta release after these tickets are completed this week
Ref App 2.4James deGraft-Johnson
PM Call / DST 
  • PM call will shift to 11am ET (3pm UTC)
  • might want to reconsider the time of this call due to growing participation in the future

Action items