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  • 2016-02-25 Developers Forum
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In person

Courtesy, please

If you are joining remotely via telephone, Adobe Connect, or Skype, please use a headset-microphone, or at least earphones. Please use the mute feature when you are not speaking.

Interactive meeting - Adobe Connect

  • We routinely share a screen during the call. You can view the screen via our Adobe Connect meeting room at For large meetings, the room has the ability to broadcast audio and connect to a telephone-based system as well, as controlled by the meeting hosts.

By telephone

  • US telephone number: +1-888-510-4073
  • Access code: 24222#

By Browser


  • Chat is available in the Adobe Connect meeting room (see above).
  • A backchannel meta-discussion during the meeting also occurs on IRC.



  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Project Buendia Update
  • DHIS2 Report Module Update
  • Review next meeting agenda


OpenMRS Developers Forum 2016-02-25




  • Burke Mamlin
  • Michael Downey
  • Srimaurya Kummamuru
  • Fabian Tamp
  • tchuenkam ulrich
  • Tim N
  • Achinta Roy
  • Shashank Motepalli
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Wyclif Luyima
  • James deGraft-Johnson
  • Vinay Venu
  • Rafał Korytkowski
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Dan Cunningham
  • Vishnu Rao
  • Darius Jazayeri




Update on Project Buendia <>


  • EMRE (electronic medical records for emergencies)
  • Tablet app, form-based app, using OpenJDK
  • Coming to close following pilot


  • Trip to Chad (Jan 2016)
  • SME in pediatric nutrition
  • 5th year of MSF mission (several years into nutrition crisis)
  • 3 teams w/ 8 staff each visiting one site daily
  • Takeaways
  • Lots of work on stability (some bogus bugs found in the field, nearly all fixed)
  • 8 tablets on a server eventually – after a few hours – overwhelmed the server
  • Health checks were taking 10-15% of traffic (cpu?)
  • Resource-constrained server
  • >6000 obs/24 hours starts to stress the architecture
  • Need to make things very simple
  • For example, green for go & red for stop isn't universally understood
  • Filling in forms is distracting to care
  • May have been exagerated b/c technology was new
  • Logistics are critical in an emergency environment
  • Cannot assume all tablets are always connected
  • e.g., tablets secured overnight, when returned in morning suddenly overwhelm the server
  • Charging tablets
  • Rolling over to tablets from paper
  • Security risk (a fair amount of expensive equipment brought it all at once)
  • Lots of enthusiasm
  • Short-term projects & projects developed during an emergency can be limiting (e.g., need more testing, code clean-up, following conventions, etc.)
  • Formal evaluation process was very informative & helpful
  • Formally evaluating human factors (having someone independent from the project)
  • Formal evaluation is pending
  • Future Work
  • Paying down technical debt
  • Finish formal evaluation
  • Questions (add your questions here)
  • Is there a demo site for EMRE?
  • How long could a tablet run (on battery) with screen off? Could a tablet function as a server?
  • Haven't tried running OpenMRS on a tablet
  • Did you observe care before designing system?
  • 2nd trip to Chad, so, yes, team had observed care previously
  • Did some mock environment testing and then did some early observations on site


DHIS2 Report Module Update

  • "DHIS 2 is the preferred health management information system in 47 countries and 23 organizations across four continents. DHIS 2 helps governments and health organizations to manage their operations more effectively, monitor processes and improve communication."
  • Configuration on OpenMRS side
  • Location Attribute
  • Input Report XML
  • DHIS2 server/user/password
  • Export Formats of the reports
  • dxf2
  • ADX
  • Rest API - Know Reports/Locations/Run Reports
  • Teams interested to work with us - Kenya,Ghana, Thoughtworks
  • Reporting Module and ADX Disaggregation
  • GSOC - DHIS2 Web API



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)