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  • US telephone number: +1 201.479.2627



  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • GSoC Project Ideas
  • Review next meeting agenda



  • Jamie Thomas
  • Suranga Nath Kasthurirathne
  • Robby O'Connor
  • Ivange Larry
  • Ulrich Tchuenkam
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Shekhar Reddy
  • Wyclif Luymia
  • Shreyans Sheth
  • Pralay
  • Sancho
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • vishnurao
  • M NagaSowmya
  • Nyah Check
  • Mayank Sharma
  • Willa 
  • Zakaria Amine
Apologies: Burke Mamlin
GSoC Project Ideas Discussion
Invitation on Talk:
Suranga's comments-
Links : 
New rules:
  • Effective this year, a person can only participate a maximum of 3 times as a GSoC student in their lifetime. 
  • Mentors can now be under 18. They must be 13 or older and provide parental consent.
Before GSoC
helping our gsoc aspirants - what can we do to be better prepared
How to be a (better) mentor
How can we streamline / co-ordinate work better? can projects be organized under "themes"?
Comments from Burke:
    Condensed Burke-speak:
         The best projects would be non-mission critical "nice to haves" for implementations that had a good chance to reach a "1.0" state in ~4-6 weeks.
         Focus on ref app rather than legacy UI - so rest backends and angular frontends
         Atlas and Modulus are ripe for iterative improvements.
  • Darius: Projects that use Open Web Apps as a technologies
 Suggested Projects:
  • OpenMRS ID Dashboard User management dashboard (We need be able to see users in MongoDB(makes development easier) **AND** OpenLDAP(for Atlassian products) -- I wireframed one during the OMRS15 hackathon (Robby O'Connor. Elliott probably) -- Will spec out 
  • Convert OpenMRS ID Dashboard to ES6 -- ES6 has a lot of cool stuff -- we should migrate entirely to ES6 (Robby O'Connor, Elliott Probably?)  -- Will spec out shortly 
  • Prototype Angular 2.x UI for Modulus and general code clean up and general TLC -- should spec this out farther -- but we probably should get updates in as part of GSoC -- it's a fun project -- and the community needs it! (Thanks Burke <3) 
  • Add REST Web Services for everything that is missing
  • (e.g. recent Talk conversation about how you can't trigger a concept index update via REST)
  • Polymer and Web Components: build an example of a useful, reusable Web Component, based on Polymer (Saptarshi to mentor?) 
  • last I looked Polymer was very buggy and actually crashed Google Chrome (Robby)
  • Collecting clinical forms from implementations, and adding them to the reference application (not sure if this is a good idea)
  • Incorporate dcm4chee Radiology module into reference application?
  • OpenMRS on MariaDB and everything related to this? (I thought this was already done. But how about PostgreSQL?)
  • Release manager dashboard (Mayank)
  • Teleconsultation module (maybe with Android app) (suggested by Shreyans) +1(Robby)
  • Something about Module Repository (but what?)
  • Something about Atlas (but what?)
To -Do 
More / better tickets (More elaborate description for newbies)
Folks to start writing up project ideas 
Basic Ideas:
1.  Implement an android app to enable patients make audio and video calls with their doctors.(Ch3ck)
2.. Port Data Import Tool to Platform 2.0 and Importing Excel Dbs into OpenMRS.(Ch3ck)
3. Angular 2.x UI for Modulus (prototype, won't be production-ready)
4. ID Dashboard Data Management Tool overhaul -- we(Infrastructure team) need it bad! 
5. ID Dashboard code upgrade from ES5 to ES6
**Not related to GSoC but definitely a blocker**
  • Modulus developmen Stoppers currently:
  •     Darius has suggested that I set up a Vagrant or Docker image for ID Dashboard and I will do it this weekend, Talk post in progress as we speak. This will remove the need to for the infra team to generate oauth keys. Robby is currently the blocker
  • OpenMRS IDE -- development environment based on IntelliJ with everything needed to get started  (Robby) [possible solution- email known jetbrains support i know(-bholagabbar)]
  • Could also be a vagrant/docker image???  (Robby)


Outstanding TODOs  (${entries.size()} issues)

Summary Assignee Created Due

Create a TODO:


  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)




  1. Wow this is outstanding Jamie Thomas!

    Great work on putting forward the ideas clearly from the ether pad. This looks much more organized

  2. Idea 1:

    How about giving the choice of option of free style writing for certain fields like comments or diagrams to describe their views.It can be integrated with android module of teleconsultation module. Else even in system, option to scribble with help of cursor should be provided. And the data will be sent to a RESTful service preferably. The database must be storing these images. For ease, can be started with fields that don't used for search/filter operations, like comments or other similar fields, so the problem of text recognition and parsing don't come into play.

    May be even Reception roles can use to capture images of patient and send to restful server. This may help in improving the experience of usability with the openmrs. I want to get some suggestions in framing a project based on it. 

    Idea 2:

    The patients will be having the medical records. How about an android module that gives patient remainder for their medicines. This data may help in maintaining records of the time the medicine was taken. And also a simple counter may notify pharmacy. And also, during next check up, doctor will be having data of the medicine intake pattern. This would be helpful in assessing the patient with long-term diseases with medication better. In addition to this,  the alerts to care taker if the patient don't take medicines. This module may be useful with lot of out-patients to track their medication records. 

    Idea 3:

    An android chatting module between the reception, nurse, lab persons and doctors even patients. This may improve the clinical experience. Sorry, this idea Might sound similar to teleconsultation module.

    I would like to hear the feasibility of the discussed ideas for GSOC this year. Also suggestions/criticism required.