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Discussion items

Community Development StatusDarius Jazayeri
  • Need to use this to get high level tickets out there for community members
  • TODOS:
    • put this link into process for new developers
    • rename the page so it is easier to find
    • change filters on community development status current priorities
    • change the order of rank
    • will need to talk about process
1.12Shruthi Dipali
  • Talk topic to be posted about the 1.12 release
  • 2-3 more days for legacy UI
  • 25 tickets in trunk ready for work - need to be closed before alpha
  • REST web services 22 tickets that are new feature that need to be ready for test before alpha release
  • Talk topic from Wyclif will be posted around legacy UI for the work that needs to be done this week
  • Daniel will do remaining work on deprecated methods this week - 1 days work
  • Darius suggests cutting trunk tickets down dramatically - take out nice to haves. Also do not need to fix all things in module
  • Need to create a ticket for items in rest web services to match API - largely synced up at 1.10. Darius did this.
  • New strategic target to release alpha is the end of the month - have for Singapore Summit
  • Once the list of tickets is cut down we will have a sprint on them
cont..Community Development Status 
  • channels people ask what they should contribute to - talk, email
  • OpenMRS guides program active? Yes. may need to be updated.
  • suggest sending out a survey
  • ask Michael Downey and community team for some pathway analytics
  • could make it a task for the person in community development swim lane to take on updating community development status
  • "community development status" page should be a landing page for here are tickets and here is who you can talk to
  • change filter to exclude those that are in progress on code review
  • suggest a or something like that for one page that we can point to from talk and other tools.

Action items