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Discussion items

Admin UIWyclif Luyima
  • released version 3.4 of UI framework
  • provider management and APP UI were released
Reference Application 2.3Tharunya Pati
  • went through modules and made a list of which need attention and which are ready for release
Platform 2.0Mayank Sharma
  • FHIR module released this week and will be part of alpha release in October
  • James has volunteered to help migrate allergies - anticipate it taking
  • Will ask James to volunteer to lead problem list removal after done with allergies
  • No volunteers to lead removal of deprecated methods for Platform 2.0 may need help from Daniel or Wyclif
PIHDavid DeSimone
  • implemented registration module in Mirbalis this weekend had performance issues and had to back it out.

Action items

  • Will talk about   AF-46 - Getting issue details... STATUS on today's design call
  • Burke Mamlin make conversation on Talk and identify an owner to lead the removal of deprecated methods for Platform 2.0
  • Burke Mamlin will connect with Tharunya Pati on the module list we went through on today's call